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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 23, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the first major of any kind in his professional career. we'll have the play-off for you when we continue here from sun river in just a moment.
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>> dan: you go right there behind cook. >> gary: mike reid, the one we were talking about when he won the pga championship.
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>> dan: first play-off hole is reid who birdied. and there is peter jacobson who runs this tournament. he is such a big part of bringing golf and all the enthusiasm to this tournament. so the fans waiting a little longer to see who's going to win this jeld-wen tradition. and so while we have a moment, let le let's remind you what happened in the wolf of golf next week. we have the fedex cup. we'll be in liberty national in new jersey. and then the champion heads to the boeing classic. nationwide tour in northeast pennsylvania. and we will be at the u.s. amateur championships. >> gary: we certainly will. one of my favorite events to do. >> dan: bob murphy won it in 1865 edition right there at southern hills. of course, so much great history there. the u.s. open championship there staged in 2001.
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4:00 eastern time. we'll join you on nbc for that semifinal saturday. so if you continue to wait for cook and reid to arrive at the 18th. we'll show you the highlights from the final round today. this is mike reid's tee shot at the par 3 3rd. 188 yards. this is where reid started to get it going. coming off a birdie at the second. >> gary: beautiful shot there. >> dan: this was john cook's birdie at the fourth to get to 13 under. and he was within three. on the seventh tee after bryant made a couple of bogeys, he had cook trailing by just one. and this is what got him tied for the lead with bryant after this tee shot at the 206-yard seventh. >> gary: and john plays a beautifully high iron shot, within four feet of the hole. >> dan: a couple more pars. >> gary: this birdie putt at the
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ninth. this is when bryant was making another bogey. so another two shot swing. >> dan: that gave cook the lead at the turn. and mike reid trailing by a couple at the turn. >> gary: a very similar line to when cook made his birdie. >> dan: to 14 under. so cook was at 16 under and reid was at 14 under. reid for birdie here at 14. >> gar >> gary: this was a beautiful putt. >> dan: that's when he got within one of cook. and this was his second. >> gary: this looked like it was going in for a second eagle at the 15th. >> dan: he would settle for a birdie. two in a row for him. he was tied with john cook at that point. and this was the big birdie for cook that gave him the one shot lead going to 18. >> gary: it looked like it may miss on the right. he pulled that in. >> dan: so it looked like john
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cook to the middle of the fairw fairway. >> gary: a very poor bunker shot. just wrong time. mike reid followed up cook's bunker shot with just about perfect shot. so reid got his par. cook did make one coming back for a bogey. but he still has this par putt to win the tournament outright. >> gary: sh one was really hammered. you have to give him credit. this was not an easy putt coming back. he was able to make it from four feet. >> dan: so out john cook goes to fall to the 16 under number. 68 for cook. gary, all four rounds in the 60s for john. mike reid making his way out as well. and john cook tried to taste that first major. he had to work a little overtime here to get it. >> gary: he really has. somehow or another, he has to
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regroup. and that would be the time i would want my caddie to be, you know, emphasizing the positive. a, we just played a great 72 holes. you had a great run there where you won over a par hole in the last 55 you played. you hit a good tee shot at 18 in regulation. let's go back. let's do that again. put the ball in position. let's go ahead and finish this thing off. it's still very doable. >> dan: look up to the lead to this tournament. john cook is in contention so many more time than mike reid has. >> gary: but john cook admitted to us that he just has had trouble finishing it off. you know, lapses in concentration. a little mental hiccups. and certainly, you know, that was one there at the 18th, the final hole. middle of the fairway with a 7 iron. you make a four, you're going to win. you know, you have to be able to get that done. >> dan: 11 pga tour wins for john cook. he does have a couple champion tour wins. this is his second full season on the champions tour. he did win one when he first
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started out. >> gary: a couple years ago and then defended, actually, at the event in san antonio at oak hill country club. >> dan: let's send it back down to mark rolfing. >> mark: thank you very much. brad talking about fishing next year. but a little bit of a renaissance in your game this week, obviously. a great opening round. what will you take away from this week most of all? >> i'll take away a couple things. i struck the ball very well this week. i am playing this new call way tour i ball. i like it a whole lot. i'm having trouble judging how far it goes into the wind. it's softer around the greens. but i just got to get used to it. that's exactly what happened to me today. every time i head into the wind, i hit a mediocre shot. >> mark: there is one shot you could play over in this round today, which one would it be? >> oh, boy, that's -- a good question. i think my tee shot on 16. that was -- i'm really defeated by that shot. it was really a horrible shot that should have been my
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strength. it was just a 3 iron. >> mark: still a good week. congratulations. >> thanks a lot. i appreciate it, mark. >> mark: dan? >> dan: it is rare for a guy to go wire to wire, especially in a major. in fact, i believe it's been eight years since the last time it was done. >> gary: i touched on it a little bit. part of the issue there to me is all the stuff you have to deal with. if you take the lead in the first round, you're into the media center. you're dealing with the interview requests and so forth and so on. oftentimes what it does, dan, it takes a player out of his normal routine that he kind of follows during the week. >> the rotation is hole 18 then 17 then 18. and mike is number one and you're number two. >> gary: the official had two numbers in his hand. each player picks. the player who picks number one draws first. and that is mike reid.
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>> dan: how many playoffs were you in, gary? >> gary: ways in two on the pga tour. >> dan: what was your strategy, mindset? >> gary: well, it's -- >> dan: guess it depends on what happened. >> gary: the first one i won in san diego. i really thought i had no chance of being in a play-off. when i got a chance, i said what the heck, i may as well go for it. the other play-off was when i shot 63 in the final round. at that point in time i felt like i was going to birdie every hole. i birdied both of the play-off holes. so, you know, i think as a player you have to go back to your strategy, your game plan. you know, for mike reid he told us, put the ball on the fairway, on the green and then have a chance to make a putt. >> dan: he said it is all really kind of boring the way i play
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golf. >> gary: sounded like that was a good one. it s right down the heart of the fairway. >> dan: the radar is in the middle. we'll see if john cook can repeat the last couple of full swings he had. not the one at the approach to 18. but did he have good swings previous to that after he let a lot go to the right. >> roger: this ball going right. >> gary: this is the fairway bunker. it appears to be sitting up. >> dan: but for the moment, it is advantage mike reid. [ door closes ] [ footsteps ] [ man sighs ]
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>> dan: mike and his caddie walking to the shot. yesterday i asked him what winning that major championship meant to him. >> i think it helped give me confidence that in that circumstance you can handle the pressure and execute the shot and hold the putt. and, you know, if you've done it once, you with do it again. but, you know, i'm a few back of brad. he is a streak player. and catching him will be one thing. but, you know, he can make -- he can run off a lot of birdies. and so for me to have the discipline to play my game and keep setting up opportunities, i think that's a challenge for me. >> dan: of course, mike talking about catching brad bryant. he did that successfully.
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it's the mantra you have heard it from all the guys that have done it before. >> gary: he did just what he said he hoped to be able to do and that was stick to his strategy and the way he plays the game. you know, fairly conservatively. yet giving himself opportunities and certainly has done that throughout the course of the day. >> dan: he actually lost a couple shots to the leader on the first hole. mike reid bogeyed it. and still stuck with the game plan and chipped away, picked up the important birdies midway through the back nine and got himself in position. and here he is. roger, who's going to play first? >> roger: john cook is just away. it is a reasonable lie from being that far right. it is really straight up the green. he's not shooting at an angle.
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so those things he has in his favor. it is going to be hard. >> you have 65, 83 total. if it gets on to the green -- >> okay. >> i didn't know what your feeling was in terms of how it's going to come out. we have 83. >> gary: they're trying to determine which way -- >> i wish i had more help. the guy in the white shirt and down? >> yeah. >> roger: i agree with john. it should get back there. >> gary: and something just over the green is not bad, roger. it is a straight forward pitch or chip behind the green back up
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the hill. looked like a better strike. >> dan: yes, a beuerlein. beautifully done! much better than the previous trip to 18. cook has a good look at a birdie this time. >> gary: he does, indeed. just three birdies recorded here in this final round. >> dan: so does that ratchet it up by mike a little bit after seeing that? >> gary: i think it certainly does. there's no question about it. and the difficulty here is that bunker as the green laps around it where the hole is cut, is definitely in play. he's going to have to draw something against that left to right wind to try to sneak it back over there if he's going to try to get this close. >> gary: which is what he had trouble doing on the 72nd hole.
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he didn't turn it enough. >> gary: this is a harder angle by far. >> dan: it's son daniel saying commit to it. his son has the same disposition, same ideas on the golf course he has. it's been a really good support to go to. >> gary: he's trying to shake it right to left. >> roger: pretty good looking shot. >> gary: if it goes down the ridge, it will go straight to the hole. how about these two shots? >> dan: radar reid and john cook have excellent birdie looks on the first play-off hole. (man) i'm rethinking everything...
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>> dan: sun river resort, sun river, oregon. we've got a couple of good opportunities here. some of the kayakers getting in there as close as they can to get a bird's-eye view. they may be blocked by the crowd. >> gary: they need to move up a little bit. just in front of the green at 18. >> dan: cook nearly let it slip away at the 72nd hole.
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>> gary: the quality second shot here in the play-off. i like his position. if i were in this situation right now, i would want to be playing first. because john cook has a very makeable putt. mike reid's putt is shorterment i think john's is actually a little bit easier to give him credit. the break is fairly obvious. they will have to figure out the best strategy. >> dan: john cook has one of those real recognizable residencies. if you watch the pga tour through the years, you know what i'm talking about. tiger woods has played so much golf with tiger through the years, living in the same community in isleworth in orlando. but it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if tiger's back home watching his good pal john cook trying to put away his first major and then tiger might text
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him and say well, you know, john you have a few left to match me and yours is on the champions tour. >> gary: yeah, there you go. we talked about the putt for bogey after you fluffed the bunker shot and left the other one coming by for par. that's not an easy stroke to make. >> gary: it is not. at that point in time, a lot of thoughts racing through your mind. most of them negative. >> dan: so that got him into this play-off, the bogey putt. well, roger, what's your sense out there? >> roger: well, he's kind of making it interesting. john cook has the first putt. it is a makeable putt. it's only about 15 feet, if that. and down hill a little bit to the right. you know, if you get it in first, that makes mike reid's putt very, very hard. if you miss, he has a very
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makeable putt to beat you. this could swing either way right now. >> dan: mike reid hoping that he's going to have a putt. >> gary: as mike reid is sitting on the sideline, i guarantee you he's thinking i have to make my putt. you have to prepare for john cook to make it and think in terms of i'm going to make mine so we can continue this play-off. so now mike, you hopefully have the mindset i'm going to make this putt and continue the play-off. now he's saying i have a chance to make it for real. >> dan: again, think about the positives here. this would be an incredible win for mike reid when you consider that he has not recorded a top ten finish on the champion's
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tour since a tie for third in naples, florida. 2 1/2 years ago. >> gary: has bit of finish this year is a tie for 12th in may. he really was telling us the kind of he pif any of how he needed to be thinking occurred just a few weeks ago. kind of figured it out. he had to focus on the positive instead of dwelling so much on the negative. >> dan: a helpless feeling that john cook feels as reid steps over a putt that will win him his second major on the champion's tour. he got it! mike reid has done it! another major championship for mike reid. the 2009 jeld-wen tradition champion. he is emotional.
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with his son daniel on the bag. and that philosophy that he talked about with his family. mike reid, he plays with emotion. one more look at the winning birdie for mike reid. disappointment for cook. another one slips away. and mike reid is a major champion for the second time. let's go to roger maltbie. >> roger: mike, congratulations on your second champion's tour victory and second major championship on the champions tour. >> it wasn't an easy one. >> mark: i wasn't. you had solid play down the end. that was a brilliant iron shot into the last. >> i learned a lot from the first time around. but -- this is for my partner kenny green. you know, now that i've done
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this, we're going to be in savannah for sure. you have to be getting up and getting around, buddy. as fred said at the last major we're a family out here. and we've been texting back and forth. and he's up and around now. i hope you're watching, kenny. this is for you. >> mark: that is very gracious of you. and, of course, all our prayers are with kenny green. of course, he had that terrible accident. but now what does this mean to you personally as a player to stand up under the pressure again win another major? >> i just -- it's hard to put night words. i just feel so indebted to so many people. i've worked hard. there's been a lot of good things in my game coming around. i could never have imagined this. and especially to have my son on the bag who i can't tell you how much he helped me just stay in the moment, stay quiet mentally
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and not get things too complex or too, you know, he kept telling me, keep it simple. trust your swing. you know, you can get this up and down, that sort of thing. it just gave me such a lift. and i could -- just could never have figured this. >> mark: you said enough. congratulations. >> thank you. >> dan: no one appreciates them more than mike reid, the emotion in his voice says it all how important it is to him. another major title for 55-year-old mike reid. two for two in major championships. and the champion's tour as far as his only two victories concerned in the play-off with john cook. brad bryant, the 54-hold leader and the man trying to go wire to wire settles for third. so we update the charles schwab point standings. mike reid with a 17 4shgs gets up to the seventh spot. fred funk continues the lead.
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lauren roberts heads into the second spot there ahead of bernhard langer. larry mize with another good showing in a major championship in the fourth spot. well, one more look at the putt, gary. a chance for you to summarize what your feelings are of mike reid. coming in out of nowhere to win this title. >> gary: it is truly amazing as we watch this putt. perfect speed, perfect line. it just goes to show you how important the mental aspect of this game is for players at this level. he told us, you know, it kind of clicked in about a month and a half ago. i needed to change my thinking. there was nothing wrong with my golf game. it was all in my head. and just an amazing performance. >> dan: we talked about joining palmer, nicholas, jacobson, just the fourth player to have your first two champion's wins as major championships. and when you really have to kick that positive thinking in, gary, you bogey the first hole and the leader brad bryant birdies the
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first hole because right off the get go mike reid was down by four shots. he never gave up. >> gary: i think what he said to roger maltbie there very, very important. great having his son right by his side. his son knew exactly what his game plan was from a physical standpoint and a mental standpoint. i'm sure as soon as he went down by four he said you are doing just what you've been doing and everything will be okay. >> dan: we documented near misses by john cook. a lot of them coming in major championships. what does this do to his psyche? what does i take from this? >> gary: well, you have to get rid of that right shot. obviously he missed it right, 13, 14, 15, and then really importantly his second shot at the 18th. so it's obviously a common thread under pressure that john cook has a tendency to leave the ball to the right. that is something he thooz address. >> dan: we came into this field at sun river with all of these stars and guys that you figure would be in the mix when it was all overwith.
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but at the end, it's radar mike reid, the shy unassuming quiet guy whoe merges with a play-off victory over john cook. it's been a good week here at the tradition. another play-off and another play-off win here. in case it's mike reid. join us next saturday 4:00 eastern time at nbc for the u.s. amateur championship. we'll be in tulsa, oklahoma, at southern hills country club. -- captions by vitac -- >> dan: it's mike reid, an emotional win. so long from oregon.
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